24 January 2011

Zone Biathlon Competition Results!

The RCSCC FRASER Biathlon team performed very well in the Zone 4 competition!!  The final results show the skill and determination of the FRASER RAIDERS; Fraser came home with 5 medals!!

1st Senior Female - PO2 Louisa Tsang 
2nd Senior Female - LS Zoe Lin

2nd Senior Male - PO2 Kyle Boake 
5th Senior Male – PO2 Tommy Vo

2nd Junior Male – LS Alex Lin
1st Youth Male – CPO1 Kevin Bowen

I had the chance to talk to some of our biathletes and discuss their experiences during this fierce competition. “I thought it was a good experience for all competitors including experienced and newer biathletes” said PO2 Louisa Tsang.  PO2 Kyle Boake recalls the day, “...being a rush.  It was exciting to be a part of the competition.”
PO2 Tommy Vo’s favourite memory of the competition was “passing the finish line" while PO2 Louisa Tsang explained her thoughts on the sport of biathlon as “partially mental and physical though mostly its physical, but the shooting is mental and requires lots of perseverance”.  PO2 Vo advises any interested athletes that “biathlon is definitely a hard competition, but always remember to keep pushing yourself.”

As a result of their efforts, PO2 Tsang, LS Lin, PO2 Boake, and PO2 Vo have been selected to attend the Provincial Biathlon competition at Mt Washington next month.  

Congratulations to all the FRASER biathletes for your valiant efforts!  Medals or not, you all did very well and have made us all very proud of you.

PO1 A. Gagnon