18 February 2011

Provincial Biathlon Results Are In

Some steadfast FRASER RAIDERS competed in the Provincial Biathlon competition on the 5th of February.  All the competitors did their best and are commended for their hard work. 

Placing for our shipmates' was as follows:
PO2 Louisa Tsang - First Place (Senior Female category)
LS Alex Lin - Sixth Place (Junior Male category)
PO2 Tommy Vo - Thirteenth Place (Senior Male category)
PO2 Kyle Boake also made a valiant effort but was unable to complete the race due to personal illness.
Due to her excellent finish, PO1 Louisa Tsang will also be competing at the National Biathlon competition in Laval, Quebec March 12th! I had the opportunity to chat with PO2 Tsang about her upcoming race.

What is your routine for preparing yourself before a competition?  Before a race, I always get into the zone on the car/bus ride to the race that morning.  During the ride up, I sit, close my eyes (I'm not sleeping) and listen to Far East Movement (Like a G6), Wiz Kalifa (Black and Yellow) and Taio Cruz (Dynamite) or whatever is on my ipod that gets me going before a race.

Do you have any traditions or lucky charms that you carry during a race?
For every race that I have gone to, I have always worn my favourite Buff (headband).  Its something that I wear to races or even just regular practices.  I carry it around with me all the time, no matter what.  Maybe that's my good luck charm for now?

What is your favorite thing about Biathlon?
My favourite thing about biathlon is the adrenaline before every race.  I love the rush when the clock is counting down from a minute to 30 seconds to the last seconds before I leave the start line.  Then when I leave its gone, and I have to move on to focusing on skiing and shooting.

What are your goals for your biathlon career in the future?
My goals for the next couple years in biathlon is to earn gold as many times as possible.  To challenge myself to get the best time and shoot to the best of my ability.  Also, to get to Nationals (cadets and civilian) every year.  There's a possibility for Worlds in the future or maybe a future Olympic athlete in a few years?  I would just like to compete to the best of my ability and earn a good placing.

Bravo Zulu to all FRASER biathletes and the best of luck to PO2 Tsang in Quebec!