01 December 2010


Those of you who were with us last winter will remember the 2009 FRASER Food Drive.  Lt(N) Watson wanted a fun, outdoor activity that would involve all of the Cadets and staff of FRASER and directly benefit our community.  So off the Raiders went, to homes throughout New Westminster with bags (donated by Garden Market IGA) and a note asking for donations.  And donate they did!  The pictures inset are from 2009, that striped pile behind Cadets Tsang and Boake is all FOOD!!  Over 2000 pounds of food were donated to an extremely grateful Food Bank.  Everyone was astounded by the generosity shown by the families of New Westminster.  Not a bad turn out for a few hours of effort and a whole lot of smiles and laughter throughout the Royal City.

FRASER is back at it this year with the 2010 FRASER Food Drive.  Cadets from RCSCC FRASER will be out dropping bags at homes in New Westminster on Thursday, December 2nd and will return to pick them up on Saturday evening, December 4th after the Hyack Christmas Parade. 

If you would like to donate non-perishable food items, please send them down with your Cadet or drop them off Thursday or Saturday night at the New Westminster Armoury.  If you would like to donate some of your time driving cadets around to pick up donations on Saturday, it really is a fun way to spend an evening and we would appreciate the help.

Check back here for new photos in the coming week!