01 December 2010

Summer Training Courses - NOW AVAILABLE!

For those of you who are applying for a Summer Training Centre this coming summer, the following list of courses has just been released.  Keep in mind that Senior Courses have pre-requisites that you must meet before you are eligible and you must meet the requirements at RCSCC FRASER before you will be considered.  You must maintain good attendance at mandatory training events, weekends and parades to be eligible for a position at a Summer Training Centre.

If you have any questions or would like to change the selections that were submitted, please email us at the Telegraph email or talk to the Administration Officer.

COLD LAKE (Cold Lake, AB)
Basic Fitness and Sports (2 intakes / 3 weeks each)
Fitness and Sports Instructor (6 weeks)

VERNON (Vernon, BC)
Air Rifle Instructor (6 weeks)

QUADRA (Comox, BC)
General Training (3 intakes / 2 Weeks each)

Basic Seamanship (3 intakes / 2 Weeks each)
Ship Boat Operator (6 weeks)
Boatswain Trade Group 3 (6 weeks)

Basic Leadership (2 intakes / 3 weeks each)
Drill and Ceremonial Instructor (6 weeks)
Gunnery Trade Group 3 (6 weeks)

Basic Sail (2 intakes / 3 weeks each)
Intermediate Sail (6 weeks)
Sail Trade Group 3 (6 weeks)
Silver Sail (6 weeks)

Basic Musician (2 intakes / 3 weeks each)
Intermediate Musician (6 weeks)
Music Trade Group 3 (6 weeks)

Shipwright (6 weeks)

Marine Engineering (7 weeks)