30 August 2010

XO's Uniform Tips

It's Thursday night and you are down at FRASER with your friends having dsome fun learning some sort of cadet related goodness.  Then, out of nowhere, it's 21:00, the band is playing God Save the Queen and you are out the door on your way home!  (Ok, it is more like 21:20 and you are in the duty division, but someone has to keep our home clean!)

You walk in the front door of your house; you take your boots off, maybe throw them over by the other shoes or perhaps you toss them into the closet.  Off with the tunic!  Struggle to get out of that gunshirt that doesn't fit!  (Which reminds you that you forgot to fill out that request form that you will turn into your DPO who gives it to your DivO who gives it to the Supply Officers (yes, this is a shameless plug for the Chain of Command) so that our wonderful Supply Officers, ASLt Englouen & Lt(N) Parent can order you a new one!  Now that you've got your uniform off, you crumple it into a ball and give it a little toss.  It lands somewhere behind your bed forgotten until next Thursday... Sound somewhat familiar??? (Here's hoping that it doesn't!!)

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my most favorite piece of kit ever!  It's... The Coat hanger!!  That's right!  All you have to do to save yourself a lot of time doing uniform preparation each week is to Hang your uniform up at the end of the day!  It really is that simple! 

Next Thursday, simply remove your uniform from your coat hangar; zap the iron quickly over a few spots, and Voila!  You too can be getting the award for Best Dressed Cadet!  Let‘s not forget about those boots either!  Once you get them to that gorgeous shine the first time, a quick touch up coat on a Thursday night is all you need to fix those fly away hairs in the mirror like finish on your toes!  Uniform maintenance really is that easy once you get it started on a regular basis.  15 minutes each week is all it takes to have the other cadets in envy of your amazing uniform!

Written by Lt(N) B. Watson

27 August 2010

Pacific Region Cadets Sweep National Regatta

RCSCC FRASER is proud to welcome home CPO2 Kevin Bowen and PO1 Cory Bernard from the National Sea Cadet Regatta held in Kingston, Ontario.  CPO2 Bowen and his sailing partner CPO2 Dana Tomlinson were awarded the Bronze Medal while
PO1 Bernard and PO2 Gleb Moiseyenko took fifth place.  Pacific Region cadets swept the podium at the four day regatta that sees teams from across the country compete for the title of Canada's top Cadet sailors.  CPO2 Bowen has this to say about his experience:

What was it like sailing at the National Regatta?
Although, I went last year. It still seemed surreal to me that I was racing against some of the best cadet sailors in the country. Practicing on the ocean for my whole cadet career and being put into a whole new environment was a challenge all on it's own. Before Nationals I had barely touched a Pirate before, or sailed on a Lake.  So although the whole regatta was about testing cadets' ability to sail.  Most of us still came out of the regatta having learned something.  The competition this year was definitely fierce.  All the other regions definitely gave us a run for the top, even by the last race I didn't feel like we had secured any kind of position.  It was a mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting week and having been able to demonstrate really well, gives Dana (my partner)I such an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

What was the best part of the competition?
I think the best part was the team we had this year.  After finishing every race we would always congratulate each other on how well we did.  We always looked out for each other during the races.  We had such a good group dynamic.  On and Off the water, Pac Region team is where it was at!  I think having such a strong group dynamic helped us mentally with our racing.  We all knew we had a group of people on this course that we could rely on, so we performed better by having a positive outlook on any race we were going in to.  Having a positive attitude for each race and a strong will to win helped each of us reach the Top 5.

What else did you do while you were there?
In the evenings every team would have an event planned out for them.  For the first night there the Eastern Team organized a type of "Opening Ceremony" to have every team introduce themselves.  After that most of the other events were just by team.  We got to go Go-Karting, which was definitely the most fun evening activity by far and we went Mini-Golfing as well.  One night we also had the opportunity to watch the Sunset Ceremony at Fort Henry.  Wow!  Was it ever a spectacular show!  Otherwise the rest of our time was devoted to making as many inside jokes as possible and having a great time!

Congratulations from the Officers and Cadets of RCSCC Fraser!