06 December 2011

2011 FRASER Food Drive Results!

FRASER Sea Cadets joined in the fun with the Hyack Parade of Lights down Columbia Street on Saturday and then, after the long trek up the 6th Street hill headed off to their Annacis Island Training Centre to start collecting.
With the help of 6 parent volunteers, the FRASER raiders loaded 85 boxes with non-perishable food donations for the New Westminster Food Bank.  That should see a few neighbours through a hard winter!  :)

The Officers, Cadets and volunteers would like to send a BIG THANK YOU out to our community for all the smiles and donations, and to Market Place IGA, New Westminster for donating the bags!  This had definietley become one of our favourite activities and couldn't be the success it is without all of you!

We wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season.

01 December 2011

Next Week! Christmas Concert!!

Next Thursday, the Cadets of RCSCC FRASER will attend the Naden Band Christmas Concert in Vancouver!  The Naden band is an excellent opportunity to watch the west coasts's Navy band and local vocalists at their finest. 
Cadets are asked to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to the Salvation Army.

24 November 2011

Did you get a bag?

FRASER Sea cadets will be coming Saturday, December 3rd to collect non-perishable food items in support of the New Westminster food bank for their 3rd Annual Food Drive.

Bags have been distributed to homes in New Westminster and this year, near our Annacis Island home in Queensborough!

Parent volunteers are need3ed to assist our cadets in collecting donations.  Please contact Lt(N) Watson.

We will be sure to post our results and a few photos here!  Last year, through the generosity of the families of New Westminster, we collected over 2100lbs of food for our community!  We are hoping for another excellent turn out this year!

01 November 2011

BC Cadet Honour Band

During the spring break of 2011, I went to victoria to be a part of the 2011 B.C Cadet Honour Band.  It was the best and most balanced band that I have ever worked with.  I would just like to say it was the hardest 3 days of my musical life. 
Over the period of 3 days, we had 8 hours of rehearsal time. We ended up playing over 20 peices in our concert!  That is only 2 hours of rehearsal per song!! It was a great achievement for me to be chosen for the honour band and to play with such talented players from all around B.C. 

The cadets were nice, the staff were awesome, the music was great, and the concerts just made you feel so alive.  I got to experience the touring part of music and absolutely loved it.  I miss it so much and can't wait for 2012 to come around the corner!  Music is one of the big programs in cadets, and the music program in cadets are just fantastic! 

I've been a part of cadets for 6 years now, and I have to say, have included some of the best moments of my life. There is so much the cadet program has to offer, like biathlon, music, range, sailing, deployments, and summer training.  I would not be the happy person I am today without cadets. 

If you're in Cadets, stay, and work hard. If you're not, JOIN!  There is no other program in the whole world that is as rewarding as cadets. A little advice I would like to give to you younger cadets, attend as often and as many things as possible, be yourself, learn something new, and have fun!

PO2 T. Vo

31 October 2011

October in Review

The cadets had a fun skating night at the Moody Park arena in New Westminster.  The skate night is definitely one of the favourite fitness activities that we do in the cold weather.

Operation Jellyfish helped all of our new cadets get integrated into the Sea Cadet program and helped them along with the basics of what it is to be a cadet.  Boot polishing, ironing, rank structure, and basic drill were the flavour of the weekend.  We also had our annual Divisional Pumpkin carving contest. (photos on our Facebook page)
Everyone enjoyed themselves and the uniforms are coming along nicely.

The highlight of October was the Ceremonial Divisions parade!  RCSCC FRASER was joined by the cadets of 637 RCACS ARROW for review by the Deputy Chief Constable of the New Westminster Police Service, Inspector Laurin Stenerson.  This was a thrill for the Cadets and even more so the Officers, as Inspector Stenerson was a past FRASER Cadet!  The evening was filled with presentations by the New Westminster Police on drug awareness and (the crowd favorite) the Delta Fire and Safety Service did a demonstration on emergency vehicle extraction.  Yes, you guessed right, the gentlemen from the Fire department brought their truck and cut apart a car in our parking lot.  It was AWESOME.
The end of the evening brought Major Jim Short and the friends and family of Mr. Brian Rainbow to the deck as Mr. Rainbow became Naval Cadet Brian Rainbow and was attested into the Canadian Forces and Royal Canadian Navy as a Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer at RCSCC FRASER. 

NCdt Rainbow has been a long time member of FRASER and the Officers and Cadets welcome him aboard in his new role.

23 October 2011

2011 Orca Deployment

I was accepted for a Sea Cadet deployment aboard the Grizzly 60 (an Orca Class Patoll Vessel), to live and sail upon it for over a week. At first I was concerned that I would miss too much school, and shouldn't go.  I did attend, and it was most definantly worth it!

Over that week, I learned how to do many things including navigation, port and starboard look out duty, signalman duties, and how to be a part of the first response team.  The Orca trip was a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work. We learned about the many small jobs around the ship, but that each job is just as important as any big job. Over the trip, I had such a great time, and met alot of friends that are so so close to me now. 

One of my favorite moments was when one day, it snowed really hard and it was really foggy out. That meant that we couldn't go out cruising.  Instead, we spent the whole day learning power boating, and making a grizzly snow bear. 

If any of you cadets out there are looking to have a lot of fun and an amazing new experience, I would highly recomend it, because you can get so much out of this trip that you wouldn't be able to access anywhere else.

PO2 T. Vo


01 October 2011

JoinSeaCadets.ca Gets a new look!!

http://www.joinseacadets.ca/ got a much needed face lift this year.  Opening the site for the first time, our first thought was 'WOW'!  Second thought was simply, THANK YOU!

The lovely design team at Available For Hire took a look at our website, sighed, shook their head and turned it into what you see now!  Beautiful graphics, easy to find documents, simple and straightforward design and best of all, it's super easy for the Officers to use!  We couldn't be happier with the results!!  Thank you Available For Hire!!

30 September 2011

September in Review

Rather than update you on single weekends, we are going to try monthly updates!  We are back for another fantastic training year and between cadets and school work all the FRASER raiders have been very busy!!

Highlights of the month are simple, registration night and a fitness assessment for everyone and regular training has started.  The Chief's and PO's weekend (Operation Starfish) was a HUGE success and integrated many new, fun activities that were excellent team builders, leadership refreshers and some general ice breakers so the newest PO2's can settle into their Mess.  Everyone went home thoroughly exhausted but excited for the year to come.

The President of the Navy League of Canada, New Westminster Branch came to review the ship's Company at the Ceremonial Divisions parade in September and was impressed by the turn out.

28 September 2011

Who Are You

New requirements for placement of medals, name tags and Corps Crests are posted below but, what if you don't have a name tag?

In the Quarterdeck (the white box on the Parade Square) you will find a sign-up sheet for name tags.  Name tags are purchased by the Cadet for $2.00 each.  Please hand your money to the Commanding Officer (Lt(N) Megan St. Hilaire) as soon as possible.  Your order will not be placed until the money has been received, the order will go in November 18th.  

All name tags are to military standard specifications and come with regular backers.  If you would like to order SuperClips, please add $1.00 to your order.  What are SuperClips you ask, see the pic below on the right!

24 September 2011

Recent Cadet Uniform Changes

With changes, comes confusion.  To help you clear some things up, here are the dress regulations for the changes to the Sea Cadet Uniform effective September 1, 2011.

Nametags are worn beneath the Corps Crest, on the RIGHT SIDE  of the tunic, above the breast pocket as shown here.

Cadets with medals (or ribbons, as appropriate) will wear them on the RIGHT SIDE of their tunic, BELOW the nametag as shown here.

Cadets with more than one medal wear them in order of precedence as shown below with medals centered, most important towards the center of your body. 

28 August 2011

Royal Victoria Yacht Club - Fall Dinghy Championship Regatta

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club is hosting the Fall Dinghy Championship Regatta on September 24-25, 2011.

Transportation and accomodation are not provided for this event.           RCSU(P) will cover entry fees and provide boats and coaching for competition.  Dinner on Saturday night and Lunch on Sunday afternoon will be provided. Other meals are on own.

Applications must be submitted to the corps email address. More applications are expected than available seats in boats, therefore please get your applications in ASAP.

Notice of Race: NOR - Fall Dinghy Regatta
Cadet Application: Application Form

22 August 2011

Cadet Training Starts Thursday, September 6th!

Just the first of a few reminders we will send out before RCSCC FRASER starts back up on September 6th! Make sure you find your uniform and try it all on!!

For those of you who have received new badges at a summer training center, or had badges in your pockets waiting for you to attach them to your uniform, please follow the guide below.

17 August 2011

Learn to Sail with Fraser Sea Cadets

Petty Officer First Class Cory Bernard is about to join 50 other teenage Royal Canadian Sea Cadets at the National Sailing Regatta held in Kingston, Ontario August 20-27. The competition involves the best sailors from each province in 4 days of racing. Testing their seamanship, strategy and physical endurance, this is the culmination of years of training provided by the sea cadet program.

Cory will represent Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps FRASER at the highest level of competition for Sea Cadets. The annual regatta is held on the waters of Lake Ontario off Ft. Henry and the Royal Military College of Canada. Cory earned his berth at the event by placing 3rd at the National Qualifying Regatta held during the May long weekend in Victoria.

Twelve races are scheduled to take place during the national regatta. Sailing 420 class dinghies, rigged with trapeze and spinnaker, teams of two will sail a modified Olympic triangle course. Twelve hundred teenaged sea cadets are introduced to sailing in 30 sea cadet corps in BC, making it the largest youth sail training program in the province.

Youth interested in learning to sail or participate in cadet activities are invited to attend RCSCC Fraser’s registration night, Thursday, September 8 between 6:30 and 9:00PM. The corps is located at 535 Derwent Way on Annacis Island. There is no cost to join RCSCC Fraser and the corps serves the communities of New Westminster, Burnaby and Delta.

As posted in The Record Link here to see the article

24 July 2011

FRASER FESTIVAL at the New Westminster Quay

It's a bright sunny weekend down at the New Westminster Quay for the annual FraserFest. Sunshine has been such a rarity this summer, why not get out and enjoy it!?!
Cadets from 102 RCSCC FRASER are busy selling tickets for the Paddlewheeler River Tours, with all proceeds to support the Fraser Alumni Association.

Tours leave every hour from 11:00 till 4:00, for 45 minutes. Prices are $5 for Aduts and $2 for children.

02 May 2011

Operation VICTOR

Fraser held a “back to basics” training weekend, focusing on drill, dress and deportment (the three D’s of cadets).  Included in the weekend activities were exercises in attitude, teamwork, uniform maintenance, and aided in the growing pride of being a sea cadet, and a part of RCSCC FRASER.

To kick start the weekend, the corps participated in some very competitive sports.  Over the span of the games, all of the cadets showed an improvement in working as a team, and was a fun, relaxed, night for all.

Saturday was a long day for both the senior NCO’s and the junior cadets. Throughout the day, cadets were faced with drill sessions, including many cadence counts, to keep in step, and the usual reminders of arms up,  chin up and clench your fists.  In the end, everyone showed an improvement in both the execution of the movements.
The Master Seaman were introduced to a new level of leadership to prepare them for their role as a Petty Officer in the coming year.  They were given a leadership role in the weekend and instead of receiving direction and orders, they had to be providers of instructions and command their group of junior cadets.  They all had the team of PO’s to support them, so it wasn’t all that bad.  The Master Seaman worked together to learn a key part of leadership, teamwork.  Their ability to work together improved along with their ability to lead, and command a group of cadets. Each of them walked away from the weekend with a different lesson learned, from self confidence, to remembering that mistakes can be used as a learning tool.

An overall improvement was seen in attitude, pride, and esprit de corps.  The junior cadets also exhibited a large improvement in drill.  The junior cadets did an amazing job on their uniforms for the Battle of the Atlantic parade, and will find they have to keep their uniforms up to par, now that the NCO’s have seen just how good they can be.

At the end of this weekend there was a corps drill competition between syndicates and both teams were outstanding.  They put a lot of time and effort into this, and the result was spectacular, with much fun had by all.

~PO1 A. Gagnon

01 May 2011

Battle of the Atlantic 2011

This year, Fraser had it’s annual Battle of the Atlantic parade, May 1st, during the training weekend Operation Victor.  All of the Corps hard work in drill, dress, and deportment went to good practical use for this parade.

Battle of the Atlantic serves to commemorate the sailors who lost their lives at sea, never to return home.  Battle of the Atlantic was the longest spanning battle during the Second World War.  Both the Merchant navy and the Royal Canadian Navy, fought the German u-boats to ensure that the battle front had sufficient supplies.  Canada was one of the main countries to support the soldiers fighting on the front.

Both RCSCC FRASER and the NLCC J.F. Williams looked sharp for the ceremony held at AITQ.  Petty Officer Vo did an outstanding job on the bugle, PO1 Bliss, the coxswain of J.F. Williams, had the honour of the Roll Call of Ships.  

Navy League and Sea Cadet alike, had the chance to throw a flower into the Fraser River, a tradition for the Battle of the Atlantic as there are no graves upon which to lay a wreath, and help the Cadets to understand and remember those lost at sea.

The parade was a huge success, and we look forward to having it return to the New Westminster Quay in 2012.

~PO1 A. Gagnon

09 April 2011

National Biathlon Winner

Starting Line at the Cadet National Biathlon Competition
A few weeks ago I traveled to Val-Cartier, Quebec to represent not only the Province of BC, but my very own Corps, FRASER at the National Cadet Biathlon Competition! 

I had an amazing experience, making new friends from different Provinces and Territories, touring Old Quebec, and eating FRESH maple syrup on snow.  There is so much more I could list, but those were just some of the highlights to my trip.  Cadets Canada even brought us to the sugar shack where EVERYTHING was made with maple syrup. What a dinner it was too!

The setting of the place is beautiful and Team BC performed really well, winning almost as many golds as Ontario.  It was a great experience in general. 

Cadets has done so much for me through camp, biathlon, honour band or sailing. If I wasn't in cadets, I would never have found my way through all of this.  I highly recommend to everyone to go out and try something new in the cadet program.

~PO2 Louisa Tsang

07 April 2011

Busy Spring! ~UPDATED~

We have had a busy bunch of raiders over the past few months and it has been tricky trying to catch them all!!  Here is a very quick recap of a few activities, now that Spring Break is over and things get back to normal, articles are coming soon!

PO2 Tommy Vo attended an ORCA Deployment and participated in the BC Cadet Honour Band. 

PO1 Cory Bernard participated in the Provincial Qualifying Regatta March 24-27 and successfully secured himself a spot on the Provincial Team competing at the National Qualifying Regatta May 11!

PO2 Louisa Tsang placed very well at the National Cadet Biathlon Competition in Valcartier, Quebec. 

We caught up with her at the Sports Parade FRASER participated in,with a local Air Squadron in Burnaby, proudly sporting her Nationals t-shirt and 2 medals!

Congratulations to all!!

01 April 2011

Operation Bumper Boats

Operation ‘Bumper Boats’ was an amazing weekend experience for many cadets. Both junior and senior cadets had training to do over the weekend, a bit of a shock first for many of the seniors.

The core of this weekend was all about handling powerboats, and safety on the water; more specifically this weekend was about learning how to drive FRASER’s Boston Whaler and the Mercury inflatable on the Fraser River.

Senior cadets had a  hands on training experience where they were coached through how to safely drive the powerboats and many other evolutions including man-overboard, parking, beaching, approaches and more.

The junior cadets had more theory-based classes regarding on the water safety and preparations to assist them in gaining the knowledge required to write for their PCOC, which for those not so savvy with cadet lingo is the Pleasure Craft Operators Card, or a boating license.
The weather was the worst part of the weekend for many.  It was cold, wet, windy, and COLD!  

This weekend was an opportunity for cadets to expand on their cadet friends, hang out when not in classes at their Annacis Island home, and learn that when the PO’s say to dress in layers, it is often the smart thing to do.  ;)

This weekend has helped maintained the SEA in sea cadets, and many cadets (junior and senior  alike) would gladly go to a weekend similar to operation bumper boats again and again, just as long as the officers order some warmer weather.

~ PO1 A. Gagnon

18 February 2011

Provincial Biathlon Results Are In

Some steadfast FRASER RAIDERS competed in the Provincial Biathlon competition on the 5th of February.  All the competitors did their best and are commended for their hard work. 

Placing for our shipmates' was as follows:
PO2 Louisa Tsang - First Place (Senior Female category)
LS Alex Lin - Sixth Place (Junior Male category)
PO2 Tommy Vo - Thirteenth Place (Senior Male category)
PO2 Kyle Boake also made a valiant effort but was unable to complete the race due to personal illness.
Due to her excellent finish, PO1 Louisa Tsang will also be competing at the National Biathlon competition in Laval, Quebec March 12th! I had the opportunity to chat with PO2 Tsang about her upcoming race.

What is your routine for preparing yourself before a competition?  Before a race, I always get into the zone on the car/bus ride to the race that morning.  During the ride up, I sit, close my eyes (I'm not sleeping) and listen to Far East Movement (Like a G6), Wiz Kalifa (Black and Yellow) and Taio Cruz (Dynamite) or whatever is on my ipod that gets me going before a race.

Do you have any traditions or lucky charms that you carry during a race?
For every race that I have gone to, I have always worn my favourite Buff (headband).  Its something that I wear to races or even just regular practices.  I carry it around with me all the time, no matter what.  Maybe that's my good luck charm for now?

What is your favorite thing about Biathlon?
My favourite thing about biathlon is the adrenaline before every race.  I love the rush when the clock is counting down from a minute to 30 seconds to the last seconds before I leave the start line.  Then when I leave its gone, and I have to move on to focusing on skiing and shooting.

What are your goals for your biathlon career in the future?
My goals for the next couple years in biathlon is to earn gold as many times as possible.  To challenge myself to get the best time and shoot to the best of my ability.  Also, to get to Nationals (cadets and civilian) every year.  There's a possibility for Worlds in the future or maybe a future Olympic athlete in a few years?  I would just like to compete to the best of my ability and earn a good placing.

Bravo Zulu to all FRASER biathletes and the best of luck to PO2 Tsang in Quebec! 

17 February 2011

RCSCC FRASER Appoints a New Coxswain

Four excellent Petty Officers began a journey towards becoming a Chief Petty Officer in July of 2010.  They were given several assignments, gave a presentation to LCdr(Ret.) Ron Theroux and FRASER Officers, and were then interviewed by the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer in December.  All candidates were well turned out and are an excellent example of what dedication and a little elbow grease in the Sea Cadet program can build.

"As Commanding Officer, I congratulate them on their successes as a Sea Cadet and thank them for their continued leadership to the junior Cadets at RCSCC FRASER.  It is not every Cadet that makes it this far, many are daunted by the work required to get as far as CPO2.  The strong example you set, and the effort you put in to our Corps make it a great place to be and learn.  I look forward to working with all of you as you build on your experience as a leader within FRASER."

Our story does not end here though...after considering many aspects of each candidate, two were selected for promotion as the newest CPO2 recipients.  On January 28, CPO2 Rhys Coulter and CPO2 Cade received their well deserved promotions.  Shortly after, promoted RCSCC FRASER lost their Coxswain as he turned 19 and aged out of the Cadet program.  One of those new CPO2's was next in line for a rewarding, but very difficult job.  They would become the next, in a long line of Coxswains for Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps FRASER.

Again, the two young Chiefs were interviewed and their Cadet careers were reviewed and on February 9th, CPO2 D. Cade was appointed as the new Corps Coxswain.  The following week, filling the now vacated space of Chief Cade, CPO2 Berkovets was also promoted.

Congratulations gentlemen, Je Suis Prest! 

CPO2 Cade

CPO2 Coulter
Training Chief

CPO2 Berkovets
Standards Chief

15 February 2011

Sea Cadet Dress Regulations!!

There is a significant change coming down the river for updated Sea Cadet Dress Regulations (CATO 35-01).  This means they are making changes to YOUR UNIFORM
National Cadet HQ has released a survey, follow the link below to complete it and have YOUR say!!


Name tags and medals on Gunshirts?  Put name tags on C1's?  Have an offical Corps based work dress?  New badges?  Badge placement?  Create an Official Mess Dress for Cadets?  Rank placement for PERI gear?

Please keep comments RESPECTFUL and CONSTRUCTIVE! 

14 February 2011

RCSCC FRASER Tours Hovercraft Base

On February 5th, Fraser Cadets had the opportunity to tour the Canadian Coast Guard Hovercraft Base, Sea Island.  We had the chance to ask lots questions, have a tour of their base, try on some dive gear and take a ride on the hovercraft. 
MS Steede’s favorite part of the tour was of course going on the hovercraft.  He admits that it would have been longer if the bow thruster nozzles didn’t malfunction although the silver lining was that we got to watch the crew turn them manually to steer back to the ramp.
One of the many facts that the other Fraser Raiders who attended this tour learned was that the hovercraft can go places where most ground ambulances or even air ambulances simply can’t go.  Places such as beaches, swamps, estuaries and dunes.  The two hovercrafts can also conduct fire-fighting operations, rescue diving missions, law-enforcement transportation and maintenance to aids navigation.
The coast guard crew spoke about the many different types of rescue missions they have been involved in.  It soon became clear that this team of highly trained rescue technicians is very important to the safety of mariners on this coast, a fact that MS Steede found very inspiring.
Some of the Fraser cadets had the exciting opportunity to act as copilot or as the navigator during the ride on the hovercraft.  The one thing MS Steede wishes he could have done was drive the hovercraft.   Although as he says, “I got to sit in the navigator’s position and I had a really good view of what was happening all around me”.
Overall, the tour of the hover craft base was amazing!  Everyone learned so much, and given the chance would love to go again.

~ PO1 A. Gagnon

24 January 2011

International Exchange Program

As mentioned on parade, the Cadet Exchange program is available again this year.  Cadets selected travel to any of the destinations listed below at no cost and are paid a small stipend for their time.

Bermuda (Jul 4 – Jul 17)   Japan (Jul 25 – Aug 9)   Netherlands (Jul 15 – Jul 31)   Russia (Aug 8 – Aug 19)
South Korea (Jul 24 – Aug 8)     Sweden (Jul 4 – Jul 17)     United Kingdom (Jul 27 – Aug 11)

To request to submit an application for International Exchange you must meet or exceed the following prerequisites:

(1)  have attained the age of 16 years as of the first day of the exchange;
(2)  have successfully completed Phase IV from the Corps program & hold the rank of PO2;
(3)  have completed any TG 2 or 6-week specialty course;
(4)  be strongly recommended by the Corps CO;

Exceptional cadets who have not had the opportunity to undergo summer training are eligible to participate in international exchanges if they meet or exceed the following prerequisites:
(1)  have attained the age of 17 years as of the first day of the exchange;
(2)  have successfully completed Phase IV from the Corps program;
(3)  hold the rank of CPO2, on application;
(4)  be strongly recommended by the Corps CO;

You must submit:
- Your complete application to the Admin Officer NO LATER THAN February 10
- copy of birth certificate AND valid CANADIAN PASSPORT, and
- two color pictures (passport or photomat/photo booth size).

Please be advised, exchanges may include rigorous training (e.g., long distance walking and hiking) and visit programmes conducted in extreme heat and humidity.  It is important that applicants have a high level of physical fitness and be free of any condition and restriction which requires or may require treatment, including the requirement for the use of an inhaler; which precludes or may preclude them from taking part in exchange programme activities, training and visits; or precludes or may preclude them from following direction and taking part in exchange programme activities, training and visits.

Zone Biathlon Competition Results!

The RCSCC FRASER Biathlon team performed very well in the Zone 4 competition!!  The final results show the skill and determination of the FRASER RAIDERS; Fraser came home with 5 medals!!

1st Senior Female - PO2 Louisa Tsang 
2nd Senior Female - LS Zoe Lin

2nd Senior Male - PO2 Kyle Boake 
5th Senior Male – PO2 Tommy Vo

2nd Junior Male – LS Alex Lin
1st Youth Male – CPO1 Kevin Bowen

I had the chance to talk to some of our biathletes and discuss their experiences during this fierce competition. “I thought it was a good experience for all competitors including experienced and newer biathletes” said PO2 Louisa Tsang.  PO2 Kyle Boake recalls the day, “...being a rush.  It was exciting to be a part of the competition.”
PO2 Tommy Vo’s favourite memory of the competition was “passing the finish line" while PO2 Louisa Tsang explained her thoughts on the sport of biathlon as “partially mental and physical though mostly its physical, but the shooting is mental and requires lots of perseverance”.  PO2 Vo advises any interested athletes that “biathlon is definitely a hard competition, but always remember to keep pushing yourself.”

As a result of their efforts, PO2 Tsang, LS Lin, PO2 Boake, and PO2 Vo have been selected to attend the Provincial Biathlon competition at Mt Washington next month.  

Congratulations to all the FRASER biathletes for your valiant efforts!  Medals or not, you all did very well and have made us all very proud of you.

PO1 A. Gagnon

03 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year FRASER! We hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas with friends and family.

FRASER will be starting regular training again this Thursday, weather is cold so please remember to wear your cadet parka with rank slip-ons.

DPO's should be calling their Cadets on Tuesday to remind them about Thursday and the calendar updates and training plan will be posted on the FRASER website shortly.

Any questions can be directed to The.Fraser.Telegraph@gmail.com

See you Thursday!