10 February 2012

Moving to JoinSeaCadets.ca

Hello Fraser Raiders!

The Fraser Blog will be permanently moving to the main page of our website at joinseacadets.ca  Please utilize that page to keep up to date on what is happening around the corps. We also highly suggest liking us on Facebook.  The corps frequently adds short updates to keep everyone in the loop.  We look forward to serving you via these two new sites.

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-The Fraser Staff

02 February 2012

Remembrance Assignment

A small group of Fraser Raiders who were not available to go Poppy Tagging were given an assignment to complete, to encourage them to take a moment and remember and learn a bit about those great men and women who have served.  
They were asked to find a veteran and do a report on their service, experiences and travels.

This is the submission of OS S. Hernandez:

Mr. T. De-Silva’s Life in the Royal Air Force in Britain
Mr. De-Silva joined the Air Force at a young age of 18, he was a young apprentice for a year in a machine shop, before he joined the Air Force.  At the time Mr. De-Silva was a single man when he volunteered to join the RAF in Britain.

Mr. De-Silva was telling me that his Mother was anxious at his being away from home, but his Father was more favorable.  A couple of days before he left he was a little bit sad, because he wasn’t going to see his family until his next vacation from the RAF. 

Mr. De-Silva told me something important, he told me he wasn’t able to choose his unit.  The Air Force would assign him to whatever group needed men.

Mr. De-Silva served 6 years in the Air Force.  He gained a lot of experience and saw a lot of places across the world.  At the end of his service, he was honourably discharged and received a medal for good service.

This was the story of Mr. De-Silva.