30 September 2011

September in Review

Rather than update you on single weekends, we are going to try monthly updates!  We are back for another fantastic training year and between cadets and school work all the FRASER raiders have been very busy!!

Highlights of the month are simple, registration night and a fitness assessment for everyone and regular training has started.  The Chief's and PO's weekend (Operation Starfish) was a HUGE success and integrated many new, fun activities that were excellent team builders, leadership refreshers and some general ice breakers so the newest PO2's can settle into their Mess.  Everyone went home thoroughly exhausted but excited for the year to come.

The President of the Navy League of Canada, New Westminster Branch came to review the ship's Company at the Ceremonial Divisions parade in September and was impressed by the turn out.

28 September 2011

Who Are You

New requirements for placement of medals, name tags and Corps Crests are posted below but, what if you don't have a name tag?

In the Quarterdeck (the white box on the Parade Square) you will find a sign-up sheet for name tags.  Name tags are purchased by the Cadet for $2.00 each.  Please hand your money to the Commanding Officer (Lt(N) Megan St. Hilaire) as soon as possible.  Your order will not be placed until the money has been received, the order will go in November 18th.  

All name tags are to military standard specifications and come with regular backers.  If you would like to order SuperClips, please add $1.00 to your order.  What are SuperClips you ask, see the pic below on the right!

24 September 2011

Recent Cadet Uniform Changes

With changes, comes confusion.  To help you clear some things up, here are the dress regulations for the changes to the Sea Cadet Uniform effective September 1, 2011.

Nametags are worn beneath the Corps Crest, on the RIGHT SIDE  of the tunic, above the breast pocket as shown here.

Cadets with medals (or ribbons, as appropriate) will wear them on the RIGHT SIDE of their tunic, BELOW the nametag as shown here.

Cadets with more than one medal wear them in order of precedence as shown below with medals centered, most important towards the center of your body.