09 April 2011

National Biathlon Winner

Starting Line at the Cadet National Biathlon Competition
A few weeks ago I traveled to Val-Cartier, Quebec to represent not only the Province of BC, but my very own Corps, FRASER at the National Cadet Biathlon Competition! 

I had an amazing experience, making new friends from different Provinces and Territories, touring Old Quebec, and eating FRESH maple syrup on snow.  There is so much more I could list, but those were just some of the highlights to my trip.  Cadets Canada even brought us to the sugar shack where EVERYTHING was made with maple syrup. What a dinner it was too!

The setting of the place is beautiful and Team BC performed really well, winning almost as many golds as Ontario.  It was a great experience in general. 

Cadets has done so much for me through camp, biathlon, honour band or sailing. If I wasn't in cadets, I would never have found my way through all of this.  I highly recommend to everyone to go out and try something new in the cadet program.

~PO2 Louisa Tsang

07 April 2011

Busy Spring! ~UPDATED~

We have had a busy bunch of raiders over the past few months and it has been tricky trying to catch them all!!  Here is a very quick recap of a few activities, now that Spring Break is over and things get back to normal, articles are coming soon!

PO2 Tommy Vo attended an ORCA Deployment and participated in the BC Cadet Honour Band. 

PO1 Cory Bernard participated in the Provincial Qualifying Regatta March 24-27 and successfully secured himself a spot on the Provincial Team competing at the National Qualifying Regatta May 11!

PO2 Louisa Tsang placed very well at the National Cadet Biathlon Competition in Valcartier, Quebec. 

We caught up with her at the Sports Parade FRASER participated in,with a local Air Squadron in Burnaby, proudly sporting her Nationals t-shirt and 2 medals!

Congratulations to all!!

01 April 2011

Operation Bumper Boats

Operation ‘Bumper Boats’ was an amazing weekend experience for many cadets. Both junior and senior cadets had training to do over the weekend, a bit of a shock first for many of the seniors.

The core of this weekend was all about handling powerboats, and safety on the water; more specifically this weekend was about learning how to drive FRASER’s Boston Whaler and the Mercury inflatable on the Fraser River.

Senior cadets had a  hands on training experience where they were coached through how to safely drive the powerboats and many other evolutions including man-overboard, parking, beaching, approaches and more.

The junior cadets had more theory-based classes regarding on the water safety and preparations to assist them in gaining the knowledge required to write for their PCOC, which for those not so savvy with cadet lingo is the Pleasure Craft Operators Card, or a boating license.
The weather was the worst part of the weekend for many.  It was cold, wet, windy, and COLD!  

This weekend was an opportunity for cadets to expand on their cadet friends, hang out when not in classes at their Annacis Island home, and learn that when the PO’s say to dress in layers, it is often the smart thing to do.  ;)

This weekend has helped maintained the SEA in sea cadets, and many cadets (junior and senior  alike) would gladly go to a weekend similar to operation bumper boats again and again, just as long as the officers order some warmer weather.

~ PO1 A. Gagnon