02 February 2012

Remembrance Assignment

A small group of Fraser Raiders who were not available to go Poppy Tagging were given an assignment to complete, to encourage them to take a moment and remember and learn a bit about those great men and women who have served.  
They were asked to find a veteran and do a report on their service, experiences and travels.

This is the submission of OS S. Hernandez:

Mr. T. De-Silva’s Life in the Royal Air Force in Britain
Mr. De-Silva joined the Air Force at a young age of 18, he was a young apprentice for a year in a machine shop, before he joined the Air Force.  At the time Mr. De-Silva was a single man when he volunteered to join the RAF in Britain.

Mr. De-Silva was telling me that his Mother was anxious at his being away from home, but his Father was more favorable.  A couple of days before he left he was a little bit sad, because he wasn’t going to see his family until his next vacation from the RAF. 

Mr. De-Silva told me something important, he told me he wasn’t able to choose his unit.  The Air Force would assign him to whatever group needed men.

Mr. De-Silva served 6 years in the Air Force.  He gained a lot of experience and saw a lot of places across the world.  At the end of his service, he was honourably discharged and received a medal for good service.

This was the story of Mr. De-Silva.